Starting a new exciting project- the Open Science MOOC

It’s quiet a while since I posted last- despite or because there was a lot going on in my life recently. One of those things I want to and will share with you in the next months. It’s an initiative, completely volunteer-led at the moment, to do a Massive Open Online Course about the Principles and Practices of Open Science. It’s pursued by a group of ehnthusiastics who want to advocate and teach others about what Open Sciences is about and how it can be achieved. I stumbled upon it and now I am more than happy to be part of it. But read yourself how it started:

The Open Science MOOC Part 1 (of many)

For me, it all started with a tweet. This is actually not really surprising, me being a Twitter aficionado ever since I discovered the art of Social Learning and Working Out Loud. Both, #soclearn and #wol, stand for a mindset of networking, sharing, contributing, and collaborating in our digital world and therefore both have tight connections to what this project is about. While it is set up to later serve researchers all over the world to learn about the many aspects of Open Science, I will document its development from my very personal perspective and share this on the blog. I will “Work Out Loud” so others can comment, contribute, and learn.

So there was this tweet showing up in my timeline:

Open Science MOOC‏ @OpenSci_MOOC  Jun 27

The Open Science MOOC is entirely volunteer-led at the moment – if you’d like to get involved, just tweet it!

Open Science? I used to be an enthusiastic researcher in life science. MOOC? I already attended many MOOCs, being convinced by the format, and just had this great experience of a cMOOC– people networking online around shared interests. Both topics combined?? And if it’s only a tiny little bit I can contribute, I definitively will!! So I put my name on the list of volunteers and was very happy that I had this serendipitous finding thanks to my Twitter network.

Two months later, I lay in my hospital bed, rather bored as it happens on those days between interventions when you just have to wait. A message popped up. I read it. And I read it again. And I started to wonder if I was a bit drugged. No, it was real- an invitation to be part of the Steering Committee of the Open Science MOOC!

Of course I accepted, although I was wondering why on earth I was chosen for this job from this vast list of volunteers. And I immediately felt very well in the company of the other members. Not only because of their mindset of working together, being supportive, and contributing. It was also because of the diversity in the group. There was obviously a lot I could learn here!

It took 24 hours and all 13 invitees of the Steering Committee accepted the invitation. What a commitment! The first step was taken.

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