Enhancing the knowledge environment

Every organisation already has an environment in which processes exist to help people create, find, make sense of, and share knowledge. Knowledge management strives to identify and enhance that environment, and to transform it into a culture.

Modified from «Crafting a Knowledge Strategy» by Shawn Callahan, Anecdote Pty Ltd

When starting a knowledge management project, it is of high importance to first truly analyze the current processes, (human) knowledge nodes, and cultural foundations for knowledge sharing in the organization. Based on that analysis, a few (from one to three) small projects should be chosen that reflect the haves and wished-to-haves, that can be realised in a reasonable amount of time, and that will have a visible impact for the involved employees. The implementation of these small projects will lead to the first transformations. In subsequent steps, the defined characteristics can then be applied to larger and larger projects and processes- from personal processes to business unit processes to the whole organisational structure and culture. In this transformation, some parts are implemented within weeks, but the whole framework may take years and years.


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