Offering self-directed, motivating learning by content curation

Today it’s the start of the iMoox “Open Educational Resources” of Sandra Schön and Martin Ebner. Educational resources you are allowed not only to use for your purposes but also to share and change according to your needs. This goes straight into the topic of content curation in teaching and learning, which I am really fond of.

Content curation does mean taking advantage of the best resources for your own learning project. Beside “not re-inventing the wheel”, content curation brings multiple advantages to a learning experience. It offers multiple views on a topic by including views of different authors or experts. It expands the content itself by giving the possibility to include sub-topics the teacher is not familiar with himself. It offers choice to the learner to select which resources (and media formats) he wants to use. And it tenders the potential to include content of different depth and length to meet students variable knowledge levels and time constraints.

Taken together, content curation fulfils many of the requirements for a self-directed, motivating learning experience. Doing so with OER is a save way to offer your students engaging and diversified content.

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